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About the company

What are we doing:

MEDICAL-ELEKTRO is a company selling used and exhibition medical equipment.
We offer only branded devices, which quality has been confirmed by the users.

Our company was founded in 2002. At the beginning of our activity we sold only dental equipment. In 2005 we extended our assortment of the general medicine. Currently we specialize in operating theaters equipment.

Our homepage:

Our homepage is updated regularly and shows the majority of the equipment we have on stock.
By each item there is an information about its availability.
All the other information about a particular device you can find in the detail description of each item. It can happen, that the equipment you are looking for, is on our stock, but is not listed on our homepage, because it is not ready to sell yet. In this case please call us and ask for the equipment you are looking for. All the items we offer on our homepage are on the stock and are available “while one waits.” We don't sell any “virtual” equipment.

How we prepare our equipment:

All the items we sell are verified and the parts and components are renovated or replaced if necessary. Every device is tested on its properly functionality. For us means “refurbished equipment”, that the lifetime of this equipment is nearly the same as the lifetime of the brand new one. But we don't forget, it's still used, so we don't use such expressions like “as new”, “as from the factory” etc., unless the item has never been used.

Valuation of the equipment:

By the valuation of the equipment we consider the general and visual condition of the items, its manufacture date, number of hours worked, the additional accessories, the range and costs of the repairing, the acquisition price and its actually market value.

The prices in PLN and EUR are not a binding offer in accordance with the regulations of the Polish Civil Code and are given for informational purposes only. We reserve the right to change these prices. To obtain a quote, please contact our sales department. The prices listed on our website are inclusive of VAT at the applicable amount.

The prices in EUR depend on the exchange rate and are updated daily from Monday to Friday according to the average exchange rate of the Polish National Bank. The binding price of our products in EUR is the price according to the exchange rate from day of order.

When exporting goods to other EU countries no VAT will be charged (net-price as part of an intra-community delivery). The condition of the sale as part of an intra-community delivery and issue a net invoice (excluding VAT) is, that the customer has an International Tax Number (EU-VAT-ID). In this case the client is legally obligated to pay the VAT in the country in which the product is imported.


We issue 3 months warranty for each equipment we sell, so the client has time to proof and test the purchased items. The longer guarantee is not possible, because of the wide range of medical equipment we don't have a after-sales service and because our profit margin doesn't include that. In effect you can purchase a fully operational equipment at the very good price. The fact we don't provide the after-sales service doesn't mean, that we leave the client on his own. We cooperate with a wide range of non-warranty services of the medical equipment in Poland, so we offer help and advice after the 30-days warranty.


We ship the items after the payment is received on our bank account. The customer has to pay in advance upon receipt of proforma invoice or final invoice.

The deposit payment is also possible. After making the payment the items will be reserved for the customer. The amount of the deposit payment is determined individually and depends on the type of equipment ordered and its value. Deposit payment is valid for 30 days from the date of the invoice. If there is no transaction in this period, the customer looses its deposit to the benefit of our company. The remaining amount must be paid by bank transfer before delivery.

Shipment and delivery:

All the equipment is sent by a courier on weekdays within 3 days after receiving the payment on our bank account.

The fragile and bigger devices or devices with high value we deliver with our own transport because of the high risk of damage while shipment by a courier.

Photos from our packing process - see below:

Surgical Microscope Leica M525 – International shipping:

Surgical Microscope Leica M500N – International shipping:

Surgical Microscopes: Leica M520 i Zeiss OPMI Pro Magis – International shipping(USA):

Surgical Microscope Zeiss OPMI 99 – Inland shipping:

Colposcope Zeiss KSK150FC – International shipping:

CPM Device Kinetec Spectra – Inland shipping:

Yours faithfully
Mariusz Bielecki