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Surgical microscope Zeiss OPMI VISU 150 for Ophthalmology

Producer: ZEISS
Model: OPMI VISU 150, S7
Technical condition: Very good


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Used, refurbished, electrically controlled ophthamology microscope Zeiss OPMI VISU 150 on a S7 floor stand.

This microscope is fully functional and in very good condition

We sell equipment which is tested several times. We check and fix all the parts that require it. To be sure, we test our devices once more before shipment to the customer.


  • OPMI VISU Optics
  • Zeiss S7 floor stand
  • Footswitch
  • X-Y coupling
  • Red Reflex
  • Stereo Co-Observation Tube
  • Sterilization-handle
  • GG 475 Filter
  • KK 40 Filter


  • 3CCD Video System


Electrically controlled microscope:

  • Smooth adjustment of zoom and focus via footswitch
  • Smooth light adjustment
  • X-Y coupling


  • Zoom adjustment from 3,5x to 20x
  • Magnification of the eyepieces:
    • doctor: 10x
    • assist: 10x
  • 180° Inclinable binocular tube(doctor)
  • 45° Inclined binocular tube(assist)
  • Objective lens f = 200mm APO
  • XY: Tour of 40mm x 40mm with automatic centering
  • Microscope tilt angle: +15°/-90°
  • Illumination system:
    • 6° - illumination can be continously faded in. This allows the illumination intensity in the surgical field to be adjusted continously, without changing the color of light
    • +2° and -2° - An additional illumination system produces an intensive red reflex even when the eye is centered. The angle of illumination can be switched from +2° to -2°
  • Aperture selector:
    • Retro-illumination contrast-enhancing stop - this stop reduces the straylight reflected from the sclera
    • Retinal protection device - this device ensures total eclipsing of the pupil, preventing light from entering into patient's eye
  • Filter selection knob:
    • UV1 GG 475 Filter: to protect the patient's eye during surgery against unnecessary(blue) radiation (retinal injury)
    • KK 40 Filter: to increase the color temperature
  • Halogen light source with fiber optic
  • Type of lighting: Halogen 12V/100W
  • Power supply: 115/230 V / 50-60 Hz


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